product & care

limited edition

avayara designs are artisan made in limited edition numbers. we strive for high luxurious quality to enrich your wear experience. its our philosophy to create beautiful dreamy timeless pieces that are suitable for every day life thru all seasons.


avayara designs are inspired by craftmanship from ancient times. by unique vintage treasures that are found during colorful journeys. by sun bleached colors and stuctures of nature, the biggest inspiration. and by the grace of a woman, a goddess that deserves to be covered in high vibration treasures that will make her light shine brighter.


a part of avayara’s collection is crafted in fairtrade handwoven silk & silk/ cotton qualities. because these fabrics are crafted by hand they might slightly vary in texture sometimes. be aware that this is the beauty of handcrafted textiles. each meter is unique and made ethically responsible by artisans.

care instructions

treat your avayara pieces as treasures and wash them with love & care. wash them gently by hand in soft natural soap or dry clean them. we advise you to dry clean silk products that carrie delicate embroidery and/or bead craftmanship. washing these products by hand is at your own risk.