d The Universe of Avayara d

Beautiful as a Goddess & Strong as a Warrior
Luxury & Comfort going Hand in Hand
Earth elements and its Sun bleached colors versus
Luxury Handcrafted Artworks inspired by Ancient times
The Avayara woman is Authentic, Strong, Sensitive, Mysterious and Sophisticated

Each Design carries a different Story and Symbolises wearable Poetry
Avayara pieces are timeless and Designed to be Beautiful for every day Life

Avayara works with high quality fabrics and Authentic Craftmanship
A part of the Collection is made with Handwoven Fairtrade Silk & Cottons
Created by Handloom Weavers in the Highlands of India
Supporting Tribal communities in the villages of Craftmanship

h A reflection of your own inner Beauty flowing back into the Cosmic h

d About the Creator d