Avayara on a Mission
Shooting the first ever Avayara collection at the most Magical place in India
Kusum Sarovar, a Dreamy Holy sandstone monument in the Vrindavran area, home town of Hindu God Krishna
King Maharaja build the monument for his queen in the 17th Century and ever since it’s
been a place of Beauty and Silence to pray and connect with the gods



Model and Friend Deborah was the perfect Goddess manifestation for this Fairytale shoot
She’s a Nomadic Gypsy, a devoted Dancer and grew up as a Hara Krishna devotee
It was meant to be for us to go to Krisha’s place and and create some Magic together
Here she’s wearing skirt Sufi, named after The great Sufi Dancers with their Whirling skirts
Stop acting so small You are the Universe in ecstatic motion - A Beautiful quote by the famous Sufi poet Rumi

Gorgeous Ancient ceiling painting inside Kusum Sarovar temple, Great inspiration while shooting the Collection


The Avayara collection is Created for and inspired by Goddesses
Strong yet Sensitive while being comfortable in her own skin
Inspired by Ancient Indian handcraft, Dreams, Vintage Treasures and Mystical Fairytales
In Delhi Avayara worked closely with a small dedicated team of artisans who brought my visions and sketches alive
They Crafted hand drawn Sketches & Artworks inspired by Antique Indian artworks with great care and refinement
What a Beautiful process it was, here a Glimpse of the Journey


Warrior Artwork in Progress - Antique Inspired & redesigned for Avayara’s Dress & Blouse Grace


Magical shooting days being in an Indian Goddess Fairytale, seeing Avayara’s dresses coming to Life just the way it was Envisioned

In order to understand the Dance one must be Still and in order to truly understand Stillness one must Dance

And the Journey goes on - Earth Goddess Fairytale photoshoot in Bali
What a Blessing to be shooting at a Gorgeous hidden beach location at the Uluwatu area in South Bali
Models Eva & Kristine were introduced by a Groovy Shaman from New York City who I met over a thali meal in Goa
Magical it was to work with models who are best friends, reiki healers and on a Beautiful Spiritual Journey
They embodied the Avayara vision with so much Depth and Feeling